Rural Pastor Delivers Earth Shaking Message ” The Death of A Nation” [WATCH]

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You have heard how some churches have been debating the idea of allowing the Rainbow Jihad into their sanctuaries. Some have gone further to say we will allow them to attend, become members, have gay weddings, become ministers within the church. Some of you might have even encountered these issues arise in your church lately. Recently my family and I have started attending one of the fastest growing Lutheran Churches here by us. While we had heard the pastor talk about doing LGBTQ outreach ministry in the past, I said that’s good, they need to hear the message of God and Salvation. 

Yesterday seemed like another typical Sunday at our church. The Pastor stood up and started talking about being afraid and how we shouldn’t allow fear to keep us from doing God’s work. Normally most everyone would agree with this idea and take this to heart. However, this idea and “message” took a dark turn into sin and depravity. The Pastor made the comment about how members of the congregation had confronted him about pusing the LGBTQ agenda and said they would no longer tithe to that church because they wouldn’t support the open celebration of sin. Well the Pastor then dropped the bombshell of how the church would be performing their very first gay wedding right there in the sacred pulpit area in the front of the church! A few members of the church began to clap along with the pastor. He saw the crowd being less than enthusiastic about this idea, so he jumped in and said ” everyone come on! this is great news!” A little while later in the lead prayer, The pastor and ministry team went on to ask God to remove bigotry from the congregation’s hearts. They went onto pray for “mother earth” and to heal her from the “crimes committed against her by humans.”

I like you was stunned by this blatant and outright slap to the face of God. I’ve seen congregations around us fall to this heresy from the pulpit, I just have not personally experienced it until yesterday. I for one will not be attending this church again until a reform/revival has over taken it, or new leadership is instilled that will not celebrate the openly the blatant daily decisions to sin by members. I am a sinner myself, and my sins are no less than those who live a life of homosexuality. I however recognize my sins, flaws, weaknesses, and do my best to not partake in the temptations I am faced with. When a person says publicly they are a Christian, they denounce all other labels on their lives. They turn away from those worldly lifestyles like homosexuality. You can not be a Christian, and walk openly in the ways of sin.

I am most certain that this opinion and preachy piece will offend some of you. To those whom I do offend, I say check your feelings at the door. This is a battle of Christianity against the regressive pagan ideas of thousands of years that was once defeated. It has now reared it’s ugly head and made it’s way into the main stream acceptance of ideas and philosophies. For those of you who do agree with me, I pray you have the courage to stand up in your church when this happens and yell out NO! Not just No, but HELL NO! The Church should be the ones who change your communities culture, not be the one’s changed by the culture.

John 3:17

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The below is the total inverse this rural Pastor stands up for Christian values and explains the history of the US and the foundation of our Nation. If you agree with this sermon consider sharing this. If more Churches would be bold and take a stand we could take back our culture.  

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