SECOND AMENDMENT ALERT: Liberals Trying To Restrict Your Right To NIGHT VISION!

As the battle to ban or restrict so called “weapons of war” heats up across America, politicians are setting their sights on more than just guns.

Late last year Chuck Schumer presented a bill that would require the FBI to establish standards for who is allowed to buy body armor such as bullet-resistant vests after a series of mass shootings in which the gunmen wore body armor, most recently the suspect in the killing of nine people in Dayton, Ohio.

Schumer’s proposal would include exceptions for police and other public safety officials, according to the AP.


“The ease with which those intent on doing evil are able to get advanced body armor is shocking,” Schumer tweeted Sunday afternoon. “In addition to the House-passed background checks bill, it’s time to require anyone seeking sophisticated body armor to get sign-off from the FBI.”

At Shot Show 2020 there were rumors that Military Grade Night Vision is next on the liberal politician hit list. Ironically and simultaneously there was a rumor at Shot Show that FLIR was planning to shut down their Thermal and Night Vision. The second rumor has now been confirmed by on January 23rd, 2020 when they wrote “FLIR Discontinues Riflesights, Various Outdoor and Tactical Systems.”

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