Shades Of Hillary? Rickety Joe Biden Being Led Everywhere By The Hand By WHO? (VIDEO)

We said it in the 2016 campaign and we will say it again now, the country deserves a candidate on either side that is in good health.

The reason being is simple, we don’t want to have some kind of crisis enveloping an all of a sudden have the commander in chief collapse on state during a speech because they have health issues that were hidden.

Let’s face it, that was one of the reasons why people were so scared of having Hillary at the helm and its one of the reasons why people should be so scared of Joe Biden being at the helm.

Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s campaign is beginning to remind us of Hillary in her 2016 campaign against Donald J. Trump. Like Hillary, clips of Biden bumbling and stumbling through townhalls and TV appearances have been played over and over again on multiple news outlets and all over social media.

In September, Biden gave his supporters a new reason to question his fitness to become the next president. During a CNN town hall focusing on climate change, Biden’s left eye began to pool up with blood.

At a campaign office in Iowa earlier today, Joe Biden could be seen being led around by a campaign aide who appears to be helping him to navigate through the door. The 78-year-old former Vice President Joe Biden can be seen leaving the inside of a building wearing dark sunglasses and being helped through the door.

If you didn’t know the person in the video is the Democrat’s presidential frontrunner, you might confuse him for an elderly blind person being helped by an aide.

Once Joe is helped through the door, he stops to speak to his adoring fans in the media. “We’re gonna survive all the way through this whole thing,” Biden tells them, with a big smile on his face.


Biden’s campaign has been filled with a series of gaffes and downright insane comments. In August, Fox News’ Brit Hume tweeted about his concern over Biden’s mental state.

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