For years, there were people in the United States, and around the world for that matter, that warned us about some kind of impending disaster was coming.

When you think about it, as much as some of them might have come off like cranks or people crying wolf. They were right. Look at all of the panic buying that is taking place right now. Some of these people that so many laughed at have been just sitting on their front porches watching all of these people act like maniacs.

That being said, governments always seem to know more than us which is why it is so fascinating when people find out that they are prepared for things before we seem to be.

Iran for example, is taking a hatefully morbid step…or are they justified. What do they, and their friends know that we don’t?

New satellite photos show the coronavirus crisis in Iran is likely much worse than its government is letting on — or, at least, that the country’s leaders are preparing for the worst.

The pictures, taken on March 1 by the private space technology company Maxar Technologies, were first reported by the New York Times. The images show two large burial trenches recently dug at a cemetery outside Qom, Iran’s religious capital. The reason for the roughly 100 yards of new burial space is macabre: the country is going through a deadly outbreak of the disease that may only be growing larger.

Iran has about 10,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of March 12, but there are suspicions there may be many more.

Last week, CNN reported that dozens of dead Iranians were laid in black body bags on the floor of a Qom morgue. It’s unclear how many of those people were were killed by the virus, if any. But it underscored how the city, a place considered holy in Shia Islam and a major center of Shia Islamic learning, is struggling to contend with a major crisis.

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