Coronavirus Is NOTHING Compared To This Next Virus Popping Up In China!

While we sit here at home with our families watching the stock market crumble, those who never prepare strip the stores shelves of every day use products like toilet paper, and hand soap.

The President is telling us don’t be in groups bigger than 10 people. The Feds are continuing to flood TRILLIONS into the markets to keep them afloat. We can’t go visit grandma in the nursing home, service industry places are being forced to close.

It’s easy to say what else could possibly happen? Well Patriots, the next is now being reported from the regions of Wuhan China.

The same Wuhan that Covid-19 is supposedly came from, that a highly pathogenic bird flu is being reported.

Two regions reporting bird flu in China

There were reports of bird flu outbreaks in January from China, now they are reporting more cases with 2,000 chickens being slaughtered to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

H5N1 and H5N6 are the 2 strains causing concern from Chinese Agriculture Ministers Office because it can be transmitted to humans as well.

As of right now, we don’t know when this Viral Outbreak began exactly, but it must be a big deal if China is announcing it publicly.

This news also comes out on the heels of the deadliest day in the history of Covid-19, which claimed over 100 lives yesterday the Northern region of Lombardy. Lombardy has been the biggest victim of Covid-19 to date.

How Italy, China, the rest of the world will deal with an extra viral outbreak, if it occurs, is a very real question we need to ask ourselves. There was also a rise in reported cases of Covid-19 coming out of China as they opened their factories and businesses for the first time in months.

There were precisely 3,062 cases reported yesterday, which was a 15% increase from Saturday’s numbers. This new report broke the trend we have been seeing in China of a decline in reported cases.

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