Trump Just Declared FEMA level 1! Here is What That Means To You

With all the talk of FEMA level 1, there are a lot of people, and justifiably so, that are terribly unsure of what that means.

People in the last thirty years or so have not had to deal with as many long term emergencies like this one. People panic buying toilet paper and the like.

This is why we would like to explore what exactly FEMA Level 1 is and how it affects you, me and your loved ones.

As always, take every precaution possible and stay safe out there.

The Regional Response Coordination Center is organized by FEMA Personnel, other appropriate personnel/agencies and Emergency Support Functions, each led by a different federal agency. By bringing together members of the federal family, FEMA can better coordinate a combined federal response and easily deconflict issues by interacting with each agency face-to-face.

The staff comes together as a whole community to support first responders and disaster survivors.

The FEMA Watch capability provides the information which initiates activations of Regional and National Incident Support Staff at the direction of the FEMA Regional Administrator and provides continual monitoring of events during activations.

The Regional Response Coordination Center can activate to several different levels and is capable of operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Regional Response Coordination Center will deploy teams to establish the Joint Field Office that will eventually assume the response and recovery support functions once it is established.

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