Young Mother BATTLING CORONAVIRUS Makes Confession That Will Shake You To Your Core!

Sometimes, when you don’t know you just don’t know.

That seems to be what has gone on with a lot of people and the coronavirus.

They first heard what was going on roughly a month ago and either thought that there was no way that this could happen to them or that it was a problem that was taking place somewhere else.

However, as we all have found out recently, the problem is that the virus wants to go everywhere and try to visit everyone.

There were also some in the medical community that didn’t exactly know how bad it was, and we’ve all seen that too. You come into a doctor’s office knowing that you have something relatively serious and the doctors think that it is something minor until you exhibit some big watershed symptom.

ST CHARLES, Mo. — “In the beginning — I’m not afraid to even admit it — I was one of those people,” said Brittany Greco over FaceTime. “I was like, they’re making such a bigger deal out of this than need be. Like, if we all just do the right thing and wash our hands, we’ll be OK.

“And then I got sick and I was like, OK, clearly that’s not the mentality we need to have.”

The otherwise healthy 27-year-old mother spoke to 5 On Your Side from her home, but she’s spent much of the last few weeks in and out of the hospital due to complications from COVID-19.

“I would have not left my house, gone anywhere, if I knew how miserable this was.”

At first, she thought she had allergies — she’d never dealt with them before, but figured that must be the cause of her cough and aches. But when she saw her fever spike, she went to the hospital.

“I took myself into the emergency room that first time and you know, they were like, ‘You have a virus, you’re going to be all right,’” she said. “After that night, it was just all downhill.”

Young mother battling COVID-19

She was worried about the coronavirus but said doctors didn’t seem to be, yet.

“They didn’t want to test me at first because I haven’t traveled. I had not been around anybody that had tested positive,” she said. “It took, I want to say, my second time to the hospital and then the call to 911.”

She continued to feel bad and, worried she was going to faint from her shortness of breath, called an ambulance. As she described her symptoms to the paramedic, she said their coronavirus safety protocol kicked in.

“He came up and checked my O2 and since that was OK, he literally told me he wouldn’t have transport and you know, it was for their safety, my safety, but I could call the CDC and go from there.”

When she finally got tested, the results were positive, and within a day, she was in the ICU.

“I guess the best way I can explain it is, imagine if you jump in water and, you know, you have that feeling of, ‘I have to go up for air,’ and you can’t,” she described. “It is terrifying. I don’t think there’s any age where this wouldn’t be scary.”

She’s home now. Doctors told her she’s safer there since she’s stable, but she’s still alone. That means she’s been separated from her son for the last few weeks.

He turned 6 while she was in the hospital.

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