The Reason Why This Old Woman DIED From Coronavirus Will BREAK YOUR HEART!

There is something to be said for people that know that they have lived a good life.

It is a luxury that some of us don’t have, the knowing part. I had a grandmother that lived to be 96 years old. One of the last conversations I had with her before she died she said that she was grateful to live long enough to see her grandchildren start to get old (I was turning 40 that week). She noted that her wish was for all of us to live long enough for our hair to get as gray as hers was.

You can tell the people that were always fighters, especially those that fight for other people.

Hard times can bring out the best in people. When people are put up against the ropes and have very few options left, those are the moments when people are truly tested. And one elderly woman from Belgium had proven that the spirit of a human being could truly be a wonderful and beautiful thing when she selflessly decided to give her ventilator to a younger person who was more likely to survive COVID-19.

“…I already had a good life,” said Suzanne Hoylaerts, a patient at a hospital in Binkom, Belgium. Hoylaerts was a 90-year-old woman who died in the hospital two days after she was admitted for symptoms of coronavirus.

According to Daily Mail, she tested positive for the virus, and over the next day, her illness took a turn for the worse. When offered a ventilator to help with her breathing, Hoylaerts performed the ultimate act of heroism- she turned it down to allow someone else the chance to live.

“I don’t want to use artificial respiration. Save it for younger patients. I already had a good life,” she said.

Hospitals and medical centers around the world are experiencing a lack of equipment due to the coronavirus and the increasing number of patients who need medical attention. There is a shortage of protective gear, such as masks for health care workers, and there aren’t enough hospital beds to treat patients.

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