Latest Social Media Craze Has BBB Sending Massive Warnings TO Consumers!

Every week we see a new trend or challenge asking you to post this, or post that. Some say copy and paste this and put your own answers in this. Now the Better Business Bureau is sounding the alarm on these challenges and why you need to STOP! Most people who play along with their friends have very little understanding of social media and their own privacy settings. Profiles on social media that are not locked down, and can be shared to anyone on that platform, can and probably will be exposed to the public. This is sending YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION to hackers and scammers who are also on these same social media platforms!


What you need to understand is that most of your applications and programs you use like your banking, Apple I.D., Google I.D., and so on, all of these use security questions that ask “what was the make or model of your first car?”  Some ask questions such as “What year and or high school did you graduate from?” Yet so many of my friends and family are playing along and posting all of this information blissfully on their profiles all in the name of “spreading joy!”


Ladies and gentlemen, today’s graduating seniors are probably not even on Facebook, and if they are, I can assure you, they are not using it as much as you do. Kid’s and or young adults are on Snapchat, Instagram, and or TikTok. They are not going to grandma and grandpa’s Facebook page to see if they have posted some sage wisdom to brighten their day or not. They are busy watching people on Tiktok do rewind videos, or or snapchat sending their genitalia to their friends.

What you MUST DO if you have played these games on your social media account!

First, go review your profile security settings and make sure your profile is being shared onto search engines like google for public viewing. As well as who can see your profile!

Second, resist the urge to just play along. It all seems like innocent fun, but you are being SCAMMED. We keep asking why identity theft is on the rise? Things like this are feeding the scammer!

Lastly, Go to all of your important security questions on your EMAIL, Banking, and any other online logins you might have and or use. Make sure none of these Questions are being asked in these programs so that your identity and finances are not compromised!


This warning also goes out for the quizzes on Facebook that we see people so willingly take part in. Those quizzes ask specific questions that collect data on you, they then sell that data off to 3rd part companies and or scammers who will stop at nothing to exploit you! Social media is a great tool, but it is also incredibly dangerous in the hands or users who do not take the proper precautions online. Users of social media need to treat their profiles like loaded firearms. They are great tools in the right hands, they are fun, they can also cause great harm to you if you do not treat it with respect!

Remember that your privacy, and security need to be protected at all times while you surf the web. You take great care to lock your house doors, and car doors, and so on. It’s time to protect your personal security while online as well! If you come across something online in your email, or social media that feels like a scam or phishing scheme. Please report them to the BBB Scam tracking department to log these criminals. This will help you and others stay safe online! I also HIGHLY recommend you stop, and do a google search on the “quiz or challenge”, you are about to partake in. Ask critical questions that will protect you and your data/information online.

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