There are times when you don’t particularly want people to be wasteful with things in an emergency.

For example, if you were running low on water in a crisis you wouldn’t want someone making iced tea with it or something.
Which is why that while we appreciate the gestures of some people and their attempts to do creative things with medical masks right now, it’s just not the time
Russian former hockey TV presenter Yulia Ushakova has been branded “brainless” after posing with medical masks as a bikini – with some claiming it is the “worst joke” they have seen as the world grapples with the Covid-19 crisis.

Fitness model Ushakova shared an Instagram snap on Saturday in which she poses with some strategically-placed masks to cover her modesty.

“I ordered on Ali Express a new bikini trend for 2020,” the fitness model wrote.

“Built-in valves make breathing easier, but the outfit needs to be changed every two hours!

“I don’t know if this challenge is already on Instagram, but I like the idea. How do you like it?” she asked her 515,000 followers.

But the inventive use of the masks during a time of shortages in many parts of the world was met with a mixed response online.

One fan liked the look, replying in Russian that it was “lit.”

But others were far less complimentary, with one comment in Russian reading: “Super figure, but absolutely not funny.”

“Awful… there aren’t enough masks in the country, but here…,” read another response.

“I would order some brains for yourself,” wrote another Instagram user.

One comment in English branded the image the “worst joke” they have seem amid the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected upwards of 275,000 people worldwide and claimed more than 11,000 lives.

“There is a global lack of masks. This is the worst joke I have seen during these horrible days,” the comment fumed.

It’s not the first time Ushakova, 29, has been in the headlines for sharing intimate images.

The former Arnold Classic and world fitness model champion made news around the world in 2018 when hockey club Spartak Moscow – where she worked as a TV presenter – shared an image of her lying on a treatment table wearing just a thong, accompanying it with a mock injury update.

The club was accused of sexism over the snap, with many mistakenly believing that Ushakova was a player in the women’s team

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