Imagine the outcry if the assaulted elderly couple had been black and the perpetrators had been white…


She stood outside of her apartment in Warren, Ohio, holding a sign that said her neighbors are “racist” and want to “lynch and burn their bodies.” Evidently, Alicia Code’s protest garnered the neighborhood attention that she wanted, though the end result did not work out for her so well.


The entire protest and the events that followed were caught on surveillance video.

Warren, Ohio police say that the attack resulted from allegations of neighborhood racial tensions. Words were exchanged and then the situation exploded. The event took place at an apartment complex off of North Avenue.


Alicia Code’s nephew, David Boss, appeared on the scene to speak with the two elderly, white individuals, and quickly resorted to violence. He sucker punched and beat the man into submission, then turned his rage onto the grey-haired woman. As the confrontation continued, Alicia Code waged her own assault against the two. Eventually, Alicia Code kicked the man and threw the woman to the ground.


The female victim was treated for minor injuries, while the man was shaken but unharmed. Police say their was clearly no excuse for this kind of animal violence.

“They never once fight back, they never once raise a hand up to even defend themselves,” Rob Massucci said, Warren police captain.


Fortunately, the horrific actions of Code and Boss were captured on film, bringing harsh repercussions. Boss has been charged with two felony aggravated assault charges and Code had been charged with assault.


Where is the outrage from the mainstream media over this beating? Imagine if the elderly couple had been black and the perpetrators had been white protesters!


Watch the upsetting surveillance video for yourself below:



Fortunately, justice caught up with these two violent criminals.


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