ALERT: Trump Just Signed Amazing Executive Order To PROTECT YOUR FAITH!

If you look at the way that institutions of faith have been attacked over the past few years and have not noticed it somehow, you have to just look at events of the last couple of months.

With social distance restrictions in place, the government has seen fit to make it so those are bent away from the favor of places of worship.

It’s hard enough that you can go into a packed liquor store these days and somehow have to do all of your church online.

Which is why we need to make sure that liberals keep from picking at our freedoms as much as possible.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday to promote religious freedom for oppressed religious minorities around the world.

“Religious freedom, America’s first freedom, is a moral and national security imperative,” the order read, according to a text posted on the White House website. “Religious freedom for all people worldwide is a foreign policy priority of the United States, and the United States will respect and vigorously promote this freedom.”

Trump signed the order privately, without any media present.

The president’s action came on the same day he and first lady Melania Trump visited the Saint John Paul II National Shrine, where they laid a wreath at the statue of the former pope, according to Fox News.

Washington Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory lashed out at the visit, which came a day after Trump visited St. John’s Episcopal Church across from the White House, which had been damaged Sunday by rioters.

“I find it baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles, which call us to defend the rights of all people even those with whom we might disagree,” Gregory said in a statement.

“Saint Pope John Paul II was an ardent defender of the rights and dignity of human beings. His legacy bears vivid witness to that truth. He certainly would not condone the use of tear gas and other deterrents to silence, scatter or intimidate them for a photo opportunity in front of a place of worship and peace,” Gregory said, repeating an apparently false report that protesters were tear-gassed after scuffling with police so that the president could have a photo opportunity.

In his order, Trump said religious freedom is essential.

“[O]ur Founders understood religious freedom not as a creation of the state, but as a gift of God to every person and a right that is fundamental for the flourishing of our society,” the order read.

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