ALERT: The DARK TRUTH About Black Lives Matter Has FINALLY Been REVEALED!

[VIDEO] Black Lives Matter Marches Erupt In Pasedena: 'KILLERS'

As I scroll through social media this week looking at what’s happening to my family and friends, I like many of you have started to see an old slogan pop back up and trend. We haven’t seen this slogan of “Black lives matter” in a few months. I am certain all of you by this point in time have seen the videos and headlines of arrest in Minneapolis that lead to the untimely death of Mr. George Floyd. Like myself, you have all watched as “spontaneous protests” have popped up across the country, and seemingly globally now.

These protests are mad over the death of Mr. Floyd at the hands of law enforcement. They are marching through the streets chanting “Black Lives Matter!”, among other lines, some of which are just hate filled non-sense. As I watched these protests grow and turn into violent riots, I asked myself, do they really care about Black Lives? Are these people marching really that concerned about all Black Lives?

Growing up, I have always been told that complaining about problems without ever having a solution is bitching and gets you nowhere in life. I began to apply this idea across the board of the scope of Black lives matter. If all Black Lives matter, why are we reading headlines like this one about Retired Police Chief Dorn?

Mr. Dorn was a Chief of Police in St. Louis who was out in the protest, and was shot by a looter over a damned television! Mr. Dorn was a Black man, so what made his life so insignificant that he could be murdered!? Was it the damned television some punk was too cheap to buy?

Was it because Mr. Dorn was a Policeman who more than likely helped his community in the business of law enforcement? I can’t seem to find an answer from anyone at Black lives matter, nor will anyone of their supporters give a reasonable answer as to why his life doesn’t matter.

If I were to mention to some of you about the Black Genocide, many of you would think I was possibly talking about some country in Africa. You might think about the Apartheid of South Africa, or the Rwandan genocide that feels like a lifetime ago. What if I told you this genocide was happening still today in your own backyard. This genocide wasn’t even stopped for the “deadly” Covid-19 Virus we may, or may not be fighting still. This genocide kills 1 of every 2 black babies from pregnant black women.

This genocidal killer is known on the streets as abortion. In fact, the Guttmacher institute says a black baby is 5 TIMES more likely to be aborted than a white baby. Rev. H. Childress Jr said “The most dangerous place for a African American baby to be is in the womb of their African American Mother.”

So do these black lives not matter to the marchers chanting out in the streets? I didn’t see a single march in front of a planned parenthood facility, nor an abortion clinic being burned to the ground. So do they really care about all Black Lives?


Since these protests/riots began last month, we have watched hundreds to thousands of businesses be burned to the ground, or looted and destroyed. Some of these were notable companies like Target, or Best Buy, Walmart and so on. We have also seen small businesses that mean so much to their communities be destroyed like the bar owned by Korboi Balla, a former Minneapolis firefighter at the Brooklyn Park Fire Department. Mr. Balla had plans to open his bar a few months ago when the Covid-19 virus hit, forcing every bar and small business to basically die a slow painful financial death. Mr. Balla went viral as he was seen in a video weeping over his dreams went up in smoke and ash. If all Black lives matter, then why did this Black man’s business get torched? What did he not do right to appease the inquisitors roaming the streets with their chants!?

How many of you ever went to Black lives matter’s webpage when they became a household name? I’m willing to bet not many of you ever thought to even go look at what they stood for, or what they had up as a mission statement to describe their goals and so on. You would think it would say stuff about anti law enforcement, and justice for all black lives or stuff of that nature. I bet you didn’t know that they actually have more stuff for LGBTQ rights, and the end of Israel on their mission goals, than they do about actual Black Lives.

In fact, one of their stated goals is to end the “patriarchal idea of nuclear families”, this giving way to single mothers, and more fatherless children who are more likely to become violent members of society. If Black lives really matter, than why is an organization that is pushing for their lives to matter, actually doing more to end their lives by taking away leadership from the homes?

Most of all of us have been through primary education in our wonderful government provided school systems, where we learned reading, writing, and math. It’s no surprise nor secret that inner city schools struggle with academic success, and attendance. According to the The report from the Michigan League for Public Policy revealed that more than eight in 10 African-American students aren’t reading proficiently by the end of third grade in 2018. How can we expect these kids to have a chance at being the next Dr. King, or Benjamin O. Davis Jr the first black United States of America Air Force General. In fact, these kids are more likely to become frustrated and drop out into gangs that will terrorize their own neighborhoods.

Where are the marching, chanting folks fighting the injustices for these black lives!? Why are they not marching in front of the school board offices? Why are they not at the schools demanding better teachers, and better funding for their futures?!?

I have to ask myself if all Black lives matter to these protestors, or just the ones that are there on the streets once the looting begins. I will be the first to tell you that my country, this country the United States of America is nowhere near perfect. I will be the first to admit that America has an ugly history that’s been racist to everyone imaginable. I am thankful that we are not the America we used to be though! It wasn’t so long ago that Blacks had to BEG to fight for this country in the second world war.

I don’t know what the future holds for this country, nor do I even know if there is enough of America to keep this country alive. I do know that we are being lied to again by the media, social media, Hollywood, Sports stars and so on about Black Lives matter.

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