TRUMP: Biden Will REMOVE Jefferson Memorial! [VIDEO]

Everyone has things that are when you look back at them, disagreeable qualities.

Nobody is perfect and it seems that the people want everyone that founded the country to be totally perfect. One problem with that, we are not perfect.

If you tore down the statue of someone that has a disagreeable quality to them, there won’t be any statues.

How’s about using that statue as an opportunity to talk about where they were wrong and why they were wrong?

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that if someone like Joe Biden were president at this moment, vandals would be able to knock down the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington.

Given the almost complete silence by Biden and the Democrats as statues of heroes like JeffersonGeorge Washington and Ulysses S. Grant have been taken down, I’m inclined to think that Trump is right.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asked the president in an interview that aired Tuesday about the push to tear down and remove various statues.

“I don’t like it at all,” Trump responded. “Now federal, I’ve stopped federal, but a lot of states are weak. A lot of people are weak and they’re allowing it to happen.”

“They want to take down Ulysses S. Grant,” Trump continued, praising the Union general who became the country’s 18th president. “Well, he’s the one who stopped the Confederates. He was a great general. Nobody’s stock went up more than his stock over the last 10 or 15 years.”

“I’ve stopped them twice now from going over to the Jefferson Memorial,” he added. “If I weren’t president … if a guy like Biden was president, they will knock down the Jefferson Memorial. Not going to happen.”

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