The thing that people do not realize about the Biden family is that they are not the squeaky clean people that they try to make out to be.

Matter of fact, the old man of DC that Papa Joe happens to be, he has taught his kid how to be as crooked as the day is long.

He may be the only Presidential candidate in American history that will find his son behind bars.

Before Hunter Biden started collecting a paycheck for keeping a chair warm in the Ukraine, he was a regular globetrotter. The Ukrainian company who paid him, Burisma, was just busted trying to bribe the prosecutor. Now, Joe Biden’s son is in fresh hot water. Particularly interesting records were disclosed by the Secret Service which confirm he hitch-hiked over to China with his dad on Air Force Two, specifically so he could “raise big money” for his “private equity fund.”

Hunter Biden was a big traveler

Over at Judicial Watch, they requested a bunch of publicly available records and prepared to wait. Most of their FOIA requests go into limbo until a judge compels an answer. This time, they asked for some of the same records that senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson asked for. Since they were forced to dig them up for the senators, they sent a copy over to JW too. What they reveal is that Hunter Biden liked to travel.

On Friday, the activists got a big envelope full of Secret Service records that detail all of the younger Biden’s 411 flights in and out of 29 countries. He visited China five times. As JW points out, “for the first five and a half years of the Obama administration, Hunter Biden traveled extensively while receiving a Secret Service protective detail.”

They may have got the itineraries but the government weaseled by ignoring Judicial Watch’s directive to indicate whether the travel was on Air Force One or Two, or was it another plane? They also didn’t relate whether or not “additional family members were present for each trip.”

Influence peddling scandals

Things take on a more sinister appearance when you factor in the Burisma-Ukraine-China influence peddling scandals. According to Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, “Hunter Biden’s extensive international travel during the Obama-Biden presidency, including at least 5 trips to China, will raise additional questions.” He’s in serious hot water now.

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