What He Did Was So Bad They Sentenced Him To 1,000 Years, LIBERAL Court Let Him Go After SEVEN!

Some crimes are so heinous that if you aren’t given the death there should be so way that you ever get out unless you are in a box, deader than a doornail.

Facts being facts though, sometimes the system gets so screwed up that they think that people who were arrested with a small amount of drugs on hand should be given the same rulebook as someone who committed a crime against a child. It’s sickening.

This is why when it comes to those particular crimes in which the victim has to live with what happened long after the crime has taken place, the penalty for what the criminal has done should be as severe as possible.

A pedophile seven years into a seemingly inescapable 1,000-year prison sentence is now walking free thanks to a state law on consecutive sentences.

Peter Mallory, convicted in Georgia in 2012 after investigators seized tens of thousands of child pornography files, was paroled on May 27, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The shocking reversal of fortune is made worse by the sheer number of times Mallory committed his heinous crimes, which landed him with a whopping 60 sexual exploitation of children convictions.

The initial investigation into a suspected case of child pornography began in 2011, and Mallory soon became the focus.

Authorities zeroed in on a television station operated by Mallory in LaGrange, Georgia, and the discovery of more than 26,000 pieces of the sickening material virtually sealed the pedophile’s fate.

According to District Attorney Herb Cranford, Mallory “knowingly and intentionally” hunted down child pornography that included images of rape and torture.

When the original sentencing of Mallory was handed down, the LaGrange Police Department took to Facebook to spread the information. News of the pedophile’s lengthy sentence was celebrated in the post’s comments.

Unfortunately, it looks like Mallory’s release is a feature, not an error, of Georgia’s justice system.

According to the Southern Center for Human Rights, the release was made possible thanks to the consecutive nature of the sentences.

“People serving sentences aggregating 21 years or more become eligible for parole consideration upon completion of 7 years of the sentence,” the SCHR explains.

While this setup was likely intended to clear the prison system of small-time offenders who rack up multiple minor charges, it’s helping a man who’s been founded guilty of one of the most despicable crimes to go free.

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