Rush Limbaugh Has Just Gotten Some AMAZING NEWS!

I remember when I was in the military, I would spend months away from home. Many of those months would be away from the nearest radio station by hundreds of miles.

We relied on what we had and what Armed Forces TV/Radio would give us. Wich meant that we often dealt with the cable news programs on about a day delay, and TV shows that were months old.

Hell, I had an aunt that would sent me a box of stuff every few weeks and I would ask for a couple of cassettes of various radio things just so I could feel what it was like to have things sound like the real world. One of the shows I would have her tape was Rush Limbaugh’s show because I told her, even at that young age, I wanted to hear someone sensible.

Rush Limbaugh is literally in the fight for his life as he continues to battle Stage 4 lung cancer, but it isn’t quite “game over” for the conservative talk radio icon.

“I’m very confident that this is gonna go into extra innings,” Limbaugh said Monday during his syndicated radio program, “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” using America’s pastime as an analogy to update his audience on his health.

“It was in late January that we learned of the diagnosis,” he said. “That means we learned of a really tough opponent. So, it was time to go up to bat, time to walk to the plate, bat in hand, and that is exactly what happened.”

Limbaugh, who early in his career sold tickets for the Kansas City Royals MLB team, described his first two treatment attempts as “horrible” at-bats, but said in “the third attempt, I managed to get on base.”

“I hit a solid single and then stole second,” he said. “I am currently on second base hoping to slide into third and eventually make it all the way home.”

“We’re in the bottom of the ninth. If I get all the way home we get extra innings. And that’s what we’re shooting for here,” Limbaugh said.

Although he expressed cautious optimism in sharing the hopeful news, Limbaugh was pleased with the promising results of his treatment and how the “debilitating fatigue” he expected to endure for 10 days surprisingly only lasted two.

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