People like to prop Obama up as if he was Christ reborn when in reality, he had just as many skeletons in his closet as the next person. Actually, he had quite a bit more.

When you really dig down deep and look at a person’s family history, you begin to learn things that make you wonder if there was anything about them that was ever true to begin with.

For example, there are always things in our own families that we never find out about, or find out about later on in life because people didn’t want to talk about them.

He might be known as America’s first black president, but let’s make one thing absolutely clear: Barack Hussein Obama was no friend of this country. He spent his whole entire presidential term doing everything in his power to try to tear this country apart. Make no bones about it, this country is extremely divided right now, but it isn’t because of President Donald John Trump.

This country is divided because of four words: The. Policies. Of. Obama.

No, Obama never came out and just said it. He’s too devious for that. But the man’s actions prove that he is every bit as racist against the whites as some individuals are against the blacks. Odd, especially considering the man is half white himself. Of course, there are some recent events that have Obama totally furious, and he doesn’t want it to get out. We cannot expect the lamestream media to report it to anyone, so it’s up to us Right-Wing Patriots to do it for them on the internet.

But before we get to what is bothering this traitorous ex-president so badly, a little background information is in order. BHO’s mother was Stanley Ann Dunham, and she was about as devout a member of the Communist Party as they come. She was also a rural anthropologist, and she couldn’t stand her extended family’s Christian background. Thus, at the first chance she got, she married a Muslim man who would later become known as the biological father of Barack Hussein Obama.

Of course, the marriage was rocky from the start, and Ann Dunham decided to leave him and marry a different man from Indonesia, and he became Obama’s step-father. This man was also Muslim, but he became a Christian and this so incensed Ms. Dunham that she left him too and went back to the U.S. As a far-left liberal, Dunham brought her son up to resent his own country and believe that it had terribly unjust and immoral underpinnings.

Ironically, Barack Obama would grow up in Illinois, which is known as the Land of Lincoln. However, considering that he was taught the horribly anti-American Chicago Way, let’s not mince words here: President Lincoln would be horrified at the policies of this man. Indeed, Obama had such a chip on his shoulder that as he got older he believed he needed to do one thing and one thing ONLY. DESTROY AMERICA from within. However, even though this man has the most anti-White policies of any other politician, even he didn’t realize that his own family has a long-held dark secret.

You see, apparently some of President Obama’s descendants on his mother’s side were slave-owners themselves!

That’s right, Obama’s great-great-great-great grandfather was a man named George Washington Overall, and he owned two slaves. This information was recorded in the census in 1850 in Kentucky’s Nelson County. Moreover, Obama’s great-great-great-great-great grandmother, Mary Duvall, was also a slaveowner who had two slaves herself.

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