BLACK Politician Caught Going On RACIST TIRADE At WHITE COP Over Ten Dollar Parking Ticket!

If you want a good bead on how people think when it comes to issues of race, you have to understand that there are people that are always spoiling for a fight when it comes to that sort of thing.

Take for instance a few years ago. My wife had to call customer service for some service we pay for every month and the customer service rep was just acting really ignorant and just plain being mean.

My wife, after about ten minutes of trying to reach this person, said “I don’t know how you people can think you can make me pay for something I can’t use”. Simple enough statement to a cable company right?

Nope, this customer service rep actually asked “what do you mean by you people”, as if this was a Facetime call where we could all see each other.

It’s rare that when a city official makes national news, it’s for a good reason. Sheila Baccus isn’t breaking any molds.

Baccus, a black city councilwoman in Darlington, South Carolina, is making news because she allegedly told a white police officer to “take your white self back to the white neighborhood” over a $10 ticket, according to a Sunday report from WPDE-TV.

The incident occurred on June 17. Officer Paul Bryant with the Darlington Police Department was doing traffic duty and put a ticket on Councilwoman Baccus’ SUV. (A white SUV, at that — the officer clearly wasn’t biased against sport utility vehicles.) According to WBTW-TV, the vehicle was parked on the wrong side of the street.

So far, so Mayberry PD.

However, unlike Gomer Pyle giving some “golly gee, Andy, I was only there for five minutes” talk, Baccus was a bit more, um, direct.

A report from the Darlington Police Department says she asked the police officer what he was doing. That should have been pretty obvious — and, it’s worth noting, the officer explained he’d previously given her a verbal warning.

“At this time another subject, # 2, black female came to the door of the residence and made a comment in reference to what was going on as well. This officer recognized this female at the door as the same female I had, given the verbal warning to in reference to improper parking,” the report reads, according to WPDE.

“She then commented about the parking. Then subject number #1 then said to the officer ‘Why are you harassing us, you don’t have anything better to do than write parking tickets?’ This officer replied: This is the job that the chief has me performing and if you have a problem you need to call him.”

The second woman asked the police officer for his name. Again, fair enough, if a little Karen-ish. It’s your right, after all, to ask these sorts of questions of police officers. At least she didn’t go with, “Am I being detained?”

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