If people want to know why the couple in St. Louis were right in holding guns outside their home when protesters were marching through their neighborhood, then all they have to do is look at what I am about to present to you.

If someone is trying to get into your home then you have the right to protect yourself. Shoot, when the riots were going on last month we had an issue where some kids were putting out joke notices on Facebook that they were going to be marching through our neighborhood.

Immediately that mess got shut down when they found out who the parents were of the kid that sent the message.

This has to stop now!

What are Americans suppose to do when mobs come to their home, scream at them through their windows, and refuse to leave?

If you pull out your weapons, like the St. Louis couple did when felt threatened, the District Attorney might put together a case, against you, to take you to jail!

Here is another story of the domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter (BLM), going home on an unsuspecting couple.
Via Gateway Pundit

The Black Lives Matter mob protested outside the home of Senator Warren Limmer, the Chair of the Minnesota Senate’s Public Safety Committee, on Saturday morning.

The mob used bullhorns to wake up the Republican state senator and his neighbors.
They then opened his screen door, looked through his windows, and banged on it for over an hour.

On Saturday morning Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi accused federal agents of being (Nazi) stormtroopers for protecting the city of Portland that has been destroyed by BLM and Antifa terrorists.

But here we have actual stormtrooper tactics being used once again by leftist protesters.
Of course, Pelosi and fellow Democrats will say nothing about this violent movement.

The protesters demanded shouted at “Snorin Warren” and demanded real transformative change to Minnesota’s Justice System… by threatening the GOP Senator at his home.

I say the DOJ gives a blanket statement in support of some sort a ‘castle doctrine’ which states that every human has the God given right to defend their homes if Domestic Terrorists come on your private property.

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