TOO DAMN FAR: COVID MASK POLICE Trying To CANCEL “Nature Boy” Ric Flair For Dumbest Possible Reason!

In the mid-1970s, before he made it big as a wrestler, Ric Flair was in a plane crash that should have ended his career with a broken back. He was back wrestling within six to seven months. From a plane crash.

He has had a number of health problems over the years including a couple of lengthy hospital stays that quite honestly should have killed him. If there is any man whose blood type is ‘vampire’ it is Ric Flair.

Now, let’s get onto the notion of wear you are supposed to wear masks. You are supposed to wear them inside most businesses. No problem there. You are getting pretty damn close to some people.

If you are in your car, there is usually about four feet of distance between you and the person on the other side of the window. They are wearing a mask. The window is only open for maybe three seconds.

People are getting out of hand when it comes to “exposing” people not wearing masks. Seriously, no one likes a snitch (see TWO MASKED MORONS CONFRONTED THIS GUY FOR NOT MASKING UP. HIS RESPONSE IS PERFECTION! and MAN TAKES STAND AGAINST MASKS BY FARTING INTO THE COSTCO INTERCOM). Snitches used to reliably get stitches for being snitches. Now, they trend on social media. Like the person who spied on the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair at a Starbucks drive-through:

You see, not only does his wife have COVID-19, but the jet-flying, limousine-riding, kiss-stealing, wheelin’-deelin’ Hall of Famer is also in an at-risk group because he’s in his seventies and he also recently recorded a PSA about wearing masks and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE, THE MAN IS IN HIS CAR! YOU DON’T NEED TO WEAR A MASK WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING IN YOUR CAR, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE ALONE IN YOUR CAR! GET A F***ING LIFE, ALL OF YOU!

This isn’t Chris Cuomo lecturing us from his “basement” when he’s actually out at the Hamptons picking fights with strangers. Flair isn’t marching in the streets with tens of thousands of others in the giant super-spreading events we’ve had broadcast into our homes. He drove his car to get a cup of coffee. He’d be more at risk trying to climb the top rope. That has nothing to do with COVID. Just that, whenever he tries to jump off the top rope, it doesn’t work out for him.

The Post also has photos of him walking, by himself, not wearing a mask while he drinks his coffee. Um … K?

If you think we should all be wearing masks, fine. If you think people who don’t wear masks are stupid, that’s your prerogative. But here’s a spoiler: normalizing snitching and treating people seen not wearing a mask like it’s the Salem witch trials does nothing to get more people to wear masks. If anything, it gets more people to tell you where you can stick your mask.

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