NEW POLL Has Trump Smiling And Sleepy Joe CRYING UNDER HIS DESK!

The thing about polls is this, you can only trust them so much if they are close.

However, despite that natural margin of error that you have in those things, you can often tell how things are going to go in November.

It is not that far off folks, we always think elections are off in the distance when they are actually pretty close to our noses. That being said, whatever campaigning that Biden has decided to do he might want to do more of it if he even thinks that he has half a chance of coming close to looking like he even put up a fight when he loses in November.

A new CNN poll about the race between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden shows what amounts to a statistical dead heat among registered voters nationwide and a virtual tie in battleground states.

The poll found that 50 percent of those polled support Biden while 46 percent support Trump. However, the margin of error for results among registered voters is 4 percentage points, making the results about even.

The poll was of 1,108 adults, not registered or likely voters. It’s not solid ground for predicting voter behavior in November, but it may indicate what Americans are thinking as the election looms near — especially when compared with a similar poll conducted in June.

For example, the poll found that since the June CNN poll, Biden has slipped by 5 percentage points in the poll while the president has gathered strength. In June, the former vice president was at 55 percent support while Trump was at 41.

Among registered voters in 15 battleground states, Biden eked out a 1-point lead over Trump in the new poll, 49 percent to 48. The poll’s margin of error for registered voters in battleground states is 5.4 percent, again meaning that the poll shows the candidates roughly even.

The battleground states show a stark difference in who supports each candidate.

What the poll lists as “people of color” support Biden 66 percent to 33 percent. However, among white voters, Trump leads Biden 55 to 40.

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