DEMOCRAT Tulsi Gabbard Just EXPOSED KAMALA For Who She Really Is! [VIDEO]

I have come to realize in my life that when a good portion of people decide to run for office, they end up doing a bit of a reset on themselves as it goes to the way that they present themselves to people.

It is almost like the way that if you see a character on a television show in the first season, and by the second season that same character has been retooled to become more likable.

Especially when someone comes from a local level to a national level, you never hear the stories that they try to keep buried. Unless there is someone that knows the truth and is more than willing to say something.

In August of 2019 at the Democratic debate, Tulsi Gabbard utterly destroyed Kamala Harris on her record as a prosecutor in California. Although Harris claims to be proud of her work as a DA and AG, there are many instances that others will see as problematic. Like the case of Kevin Cooper. His lawyers wanted DNA testing done but as California AG opposed doing the testing that could set Cooper free.

Within hours of his scheduled execution, Cooper was granted a reprieve and then in 2019 California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered new DNA tests for Cooper that AG Kamala Harris had opposed. That case is still being re-investigated, but many people believe that Cooper is innocent.

In another instance that was not brought up in the debate, it was discovered that the lab was manufacturing evidence. According to California law, Harris was obligated to tell those people who were convicted with evidence from the lab about the problem with the lab testing. She did not do that. Over 1,000 prisoners were freed from prison after review by the courts, since there was no way to tell who might have had evidence manufactured against them by the lab.

Also during the debate Gabbard brought up the fact that Harris convicted over 1,500 people on pot charges and then she laughed about it because she had smoked pot herself.

But what might be more important than the people she charged with crimes is the people she did not prosecute. One of the most egregious non-prosecutions is against priests of the Catholic church and lawsuits against the church. I’m sure it’s coincidental but Harris did not charge a single priest with sex crimes against children. In fact, she hid all the evidence she had on the priests and that evidence was eventually destroyed.

Is Kamala Harris really a person for people to be proud of?

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