The whole idea of people killing each other over a political disagreement is completely nuts to begin with, but here we are.

At the end of the day, with liberals, you have a group of people who just cannot take the fact that another idea might be good, and that are resorting to violence the way a small child would throw a tantrum.

Now, there is actual killing in the streets. If people would just act properly this kind of crap wouldn’t be happening. Tell you a quick story.

Just yesterday afternoon, I was walking out to get my mail and there was a turtle sitting in the middle of the street. My neighbor walked outside around the same time. My neighbor is a Biden supporter. I, obviously a Trump supporter.

We talked for a minute about grabbing the turtle and putting the little guy into a nearby pond. We each went in and quickly came back out with a box to carry him and a towel to lift him. We walked to the pond and put the little turtle back where he came from. You know how we got that done? By realizing that if you have a political difference that you can talk it out instead of fighting all the damn time.

The man who is suspected of having shot and killed a member of Patriot Prayer group, ‘Jay,’ in Portland, Oregon last week has given an interview to Vice News. The interview will be shown on Vice TV Thursday at 11PM.

According to Vice News, “ever since a member of the right-wing Patriot Prayer group was shot and killed during a violent rally in downtown Portland August 29, the police investigation has reportedly focused on 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl, an Army veteran and father of two who has provided what he called “security” at Black Lives Matter protests.”

DailyMailUK reported that Reinoehl was actually under investigation. They reported, “An Antifa member under investigation connected to the death of a man shot at a Portland protest claimed he served in the Army – but the Pentagon says otherwise, can disclose.

Michael Reinoehl is being reportedly being investigated by Portland police over the killing of Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, a member of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer who was shot to death at a protest on Saturday.”

However there doesn’t seem to be much concern by the far left radical, local government in Portland. Keep in mind Governor Brown initially seemed to lay the blame at the foot of the slain man when she

‘“The right-wing group Patriot Prayer and self-proclaimed militia members drove into downtown Portland last night, armed and looking for a fight,” Brown said. “Every Oregonian has the right to freely express their views without fear of deadly violence. I will not allow Patriot Prayer and armed white supremacists to bring more bloodshed to our streets.”’

4Chan, an online message board had identified Reinhold very quickly after the shooting, and he now seems to be making a confession that he did do it, but claiming that it was in “Self Defense”.

Reinoehl has not been arrested or charged as far as we can tell, and Portland police declined to tell Vice if he is the target of its investigation into the killing of Aaron “Jay” Danielson. The victim was taking part in a pro-Trump, pro-Jesus rally with an estimated 600 trucks winding through the city that night. But in a conversation with freelance journalist Donovan Farley provided to VICE News and airing in full Thursday night, Reinoehl said he believed he and a friend were about to be stabbed, and that he acted in self defense.

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