BREAKING: Antifa “War Camp” Discovered In Ultra Liberal Portland! [VIDEO]

Several years ago when the Occupy movement was in full swing and you had these camps cropping up in different cities in the United States, you had to wonder for the safety and cleanliness of these places.

Then came the day I had to go downtown in one of these cities to City Hall for an appointment and it was like I was walking through a ward for bums because everything stunk and there was garbage everywhere.

It felt like at any moment that someone was going to grab me and cover me in trash, or worse.

A shocking new video has surfaced that appears to show a tent city compound in Portland, Oregon, housing a large number of people who are descried as Antifa agitators who reportedly join in the nightly chaos and mayhem that’s systematically burning down the city of Portland.

According to the video, shown below, this tent city — described as a “war encampment” — is located between the Hawthorn bridge and Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland. The video shows the tent city consists of portable restrooms, emergency shelter structures, and what appear to be covered food service areas for serving food to the inhabitants.

The video creator explains that the tent city is funded by the City of Portland, but there is no evidence presented in the video that supports the funding claim. A privacy fence surrounds the compound, reportedly with a sign that says the location is an “art installation.” explains, “It is entirely funded by the city of Portland, with start-up costs priced at $214,097 and ongoing support for all three sites expected at $155,488 monthly, N.A.W.C. said.”

The YouTube channel of the original creator of this video is called “Never Alone With Christ.” The citizen journalist who captured this video says, “I was chased approximately four or five blocks by two men, one with a slingshot” after filming the video.

And here’s the original video from Never Alone With Christ, via YouTube, which might ban it:

In this frame one of the agitators fires a slingshot at the citizen journalist:

This frame shows that someone has paid to have standing heaters installed in the encampment, revealing the infrastructure is shockingly well-funded by someone:

The inhabitants of this encampment appear to be easily agitated and willing to resort to violence to prevent anyone from filming their location.

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