ALERT: Feds Just Charged Group Of Portland Protesting Thugs…PRISON TIME COMING SOON!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people protesting. I went ahead and said that at the outset so people that might be reading this from the other side of the aisle don’t think that conservatives feel that folks should just shut up about something that they do not like.

Hardly the case, this whole country was based upon the idea of being able to protest, peacefully mind you.

It is when you get to the situations that we have in many cities in the country where people are burning down places of business and destroying the property of people who don’t have anything to do with why they are mad.

Americans have been outraged over the ongoing protests and riots hitting major cities.

What appears to be even more shocking is how most of these people, branded “peaceful” by the left, face zero penalties for their actions.

We’ve all seen videos of rioters looting stores, assaulting police (and bystanders), and even setting buildings aflame.

Yet few have been arrested and charged.

But once in a while, a few of these anarchists are forced to pay their dues:

In separate criminal cases, three Portland residents have been charged with civil disorder for crimes committed during declared civil disturbances in Portland, announced U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams.

William Grant Reuland, 24, is charged with civil disorder after assaulting police officers with a high-powered laser on June 13 and 14, 2020; Alexandra Eutin, 24, is charged with civil disorder after striking a police officer with a wooden shield on July 16, 2020; and Pedro Aldo Ramos, Jr., 20, is charged with civil disorder after punching a female police officer in the face on August 24, 2020.

Where the local government has failed, the Department of Justice is stepping in.

Three rioters from Portland have been charged with crimes relating to recent “civil disturbances.”

One is being charged with civil disorder after he assaulted cops. Another is being charged with civil disorder after attacking cops with a shield.

And the third is being charged the same, after punching a woman cop.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what we’ve seen in Portland.

Thanks to the weak leadership of Mayor Ted Wheeler (who cheers on rioters and rejected Trump’s aid), the city has been under siege for over 100 days.

Even after Wheeler’s home was assaulted by these anarchists, the man refused to end the chaos.

All he did was move. How nice.

President Trump has called for an end to these riots and demanded law and order to be restored.

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