What This LIBERAL High School Did After A 9/11 Memorial Is BEYOND SICKENING!

I remember right after 9/11, it seems that everyone dropped the act that they usually have when it comes to how they are political.

Everyone sort of came together, and as sad as the reasoning for it, it was nice.

You didn’t have people squabbling about minute political differences, and you certainly did not have shows of patriotism get punished…

At a 9/11 high school football game, two of  Little Miami high school’s players came out on the field carrying a “thin blue line” flag and a “thin red line” flag representing the police and firefighters that lost their lives on September 11. And they were suspended from the team for it.

The students had previously asked for permission to carry the flags, but their request was denied. They did it anyway. It was incredibly brave and I am so proud of those students. Please don’t get me wrong, respecting authority is important, but I was raised that if authority tells you to do something that goes against your beliefs, you take a stand.

I have no clue why the school administrators wouldn’t let the students carry those flags. The game was in honor of 9/11 so I’m quite confused. The players were reinstated to the team pretty quickly after the story blew up in the media. In their explanation, they said that they realized the flags weren’t a “political statement.”

No, it wasn’t a political statement, it was an incredible act of respect by two young men raised right. The world needs more people like them.

The school administrators should be ashamed of making baseless accusations.

Some may argue that the Black Lives Matter organization is standing up for what they believe in too. My above point about listening to authority until they ask you to do something against your beliefs could be thrown back at me in regards to BLM.

The difference is, we can disagree with authority, we can act contrary to what they say without being blatantly disrespectful, violent, or dishonest. If someone in authority over you asks you to do something that goes directly against what you believe, you have to decide whether your convictions are worth it.  And if you decide they aren’t, you explain and take a stand. With respect and kindness.

Football can be an incredibly important activity for high school guys. Exemplary playing can lead to great scholarships in college. Talented players get noticed, but so does other extracurricular activities, grades, and behavior. These students ran the risk of losing scholarship opportunities by bringing those flags onto the field. They sacrificed something small, for those who sacrificed everything.

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