WOW! House Democrats TURNING On Nancy Pelosi!

You can have someone that you care about and respect and still admit that they are making a bad decision.

We have all been there with our family. We have that one member of the family that we agree with most of the time that just ends up acting like a pure fool on one occasion that we just have to tell them that they are way off base.

When it comes to politics, Nancy Pelosi is one of those people.

To be honest, I am biased, very biased.  However, that is what sets outfits like ours apart from the ‘mainstream media,’ we do not pretend that we are opinion free.

Now, perhaps it’s the lens through which I see the world, but I could swear the Nancy Pelosi carries herself as if she believes that she is the Devine Sovereign of these United States.

Whether it is her stunts durning her weekly presser, filled with slurred words and derailed trains of thought, or tearing up President Trump’s powerful speech upon it’s completion at the State of The Union, Pelosi does not come off as ‘one of us.’

When I say ‘one of us,’ I mean a citizen, a normal person, a salt of the Earth human being.  She gives off a vibe that I would expect of a Marie Antoinette.   The woman has this sense of entitlement that permeates any room she is in.

Apparently, I am not the only one who is sick of Pelosi’s self righteous indignation.   Now moderate House Democrats (don’t worry, I was pleasantly surprised to learn they existed too) are letting Nancy know that they too are sick of playing politics at the expense of the American people.

Fox News is reporting:

‘Moderate Democrats, especially those in swing districts, have been pressuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pass another coronavirus relief bill, signaling that blaming the Senate Republicans and the White House for the inaction isn’t flying back home with their constituents who need help.

One of the boldest efforts of revolt came Tuesday when the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus revealed their $1.5 trillion coronavirus relief plan, with 25 Democrats breaking with their leadership and joining 25 Republicans on a compromise plan.

Rep. Max Rose, D-N.Y., was among the backers of the plan and said his frustration with leadership’s failure to make a deal pales in comparison to the frustration of his constituents needing help. It’s been four months since the House passed its $3 trillion HEROES Act — which died in the GOP-led Senate — and now Rose and fellow frontline Democrats have been urging House leadership to put another bill on the floor that could actually become law.

The pressure is loud and forthright and it is bipartisan in nature,” Rose told Fox News of the urging on both GOP and Democratic leadership to move a “real” bill. “Because that pressure is reflective of where the American people are. They are sick and tired of politics.”

“To the leadership, we said this very simple message: It’s time for you to stop playing games. Let’s stop the charade. Let’s stop this stupidity. Let’s put the country first.“‘

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