FOWL LANGUAGE: Liberal Loon Threatens MURDER On KFC Employee For Maskless Order! [VIDEO]

People being told to do things that they normally do not do tends to get them in a wound-up state of mind.

Just think about all the times that you have had to turn left to get somewhere and then all of a sudden you get told to turn left because of construction. It is something that affects everyone.

Now, there is also the aspect of being told something and whether or not what you are being told is new information.

Think of it this way, the first time someone’s cell phone went off in a comedy club, people must have thought that it was a bit of a novelty. Now, if that happened people would look at you like you are insane because you should know better by now. People are still getting upset at the mask thing, which is weird because it has been months.

Just when you think California can’t get any crazier, it does just that.  It must be a full moon because the crazy sure are out in force right now …

A crazy woman at a KFC in California, threatened to stab an employee while throwing a screaming fit during which she jumped up onto the restaurant service counter after she was refused service because she wasn’t wearing a mask.  One other mindless Gavin Newsom inspired moment.

Video footage of the incident reveals the woman jumping onto the counter where she yells “Gimme something to f—ing eat! I’m hungry!  NOW!  NOW!”  I think if she threw out just one more NOW! she might have won, but we’ll never know.

YouTube video @leahmaechastain

The woman then screamed a mostly incomprehensible rant at a male worker while daring him to call the cops.  I would have then called the cops.

Her order was difficult to stomach …  Ba dump dump.

The unidentified crazy lady additionally threatens to stab a female employee unless she gets “something to eat” immediately, or as she kept saying, “NOW!”  Yeah, that always works.  She’s threatening to stab an entire staff of people who have access to knives and plenty of other equipment in the back that can be used as a weapon.  She’s not that bright.

I don’t like having to wear a mask either, but the difference here is that there are things called civility and decorum, two words this young woman is yet to comprehend.   Even simple manners would suffice.

I would have guessed that if she had grabbed a napkin, held it over her mouth and nose, and told the KFC workers that she was sorry she didn’t have a mask, but the strings on hers broke, they would have felt sorry for her and made an exception. As the old saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  Nonetheless, this young lady was filled with piss and vinegar.

However, she went the Charles Manson route and threatened to kill people if she didn’t get what she wants.  Maybe she watched too much television coverage of the riots going on for the last hundred days in Democrat-run cities and she thought they made it look easier than it is to force someone to do what you want?

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