Imagine if you will, you had a baseball season where every game was the normal nine innings and one day, instead of playing the full nine innings the team playing at home got to end the game after the sixth inning if they were ahead by three runs and no bad weather.

That’s what liberals are trying to do but in reverse order. Sure, it’s not the normal course of action to replace a Supreme Court justice in an election year, but that’s what precedents are all about right?

The thing that liberals need to understand is that we are about to be in some seriously uncharted waters with this election. For the first time in a long time, there may not be a conclusive winner on election night and this may go all the way to the Supreme Court. You cannot guarantee a majority with an even number of people.

After months of being on the defensive while under horrific attacks from institutionalized leftists – Joe Biden, his allies in the Democrat Party, and the compromised mainstream Marxist media – due to the CCP virus outbreak, the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has changed everything.

President Trump has seized the agenda and it appears he will own the headlines until his appointment is confirmed after he, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to push forward with filling the now vacant seat prior to the election.

The move to fill the seat puts Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden on the defensive.  Despite repeated promises to release a list of candidates he would choose to fill the vacant seat, he has failed to do so.  With good reason.

President Trump made his list of candidates a centerpiece of his 2016 campaign.  This provides Trump with the political capital to move now.  Biden hasn’t released such a list… and he almost certainly won’t lest he open the chasm in his party for all to see.

Biden has been running a two-track campaign.  One track as moderate Joe.  The other relying on the energy of the Sanders’ radicals.  Releasing a list would almost certainly expose the rift his campaign is desperate to hide.

Considering the likelihood that the Supreme Court will be called in to adjudicate the problems that will arise from extended voting deadlines and greatly expanded mail-in balloting, everyone should be in agreement that the potential for a four-to-four split by the under-filled court to create a Constitutional crisis has to be avoided for the sake of the republic.

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