HORRIBLE: Sleepy Joe Biden Caught On Camera Cussing Out The Military! [VIDEO]

Have you ever noticed that when the Democrats accuse someone of something they have usually done that same thing themselves and want to deflect?

It’s like a kid that we all knew growing up that ends up accusing everyone else of things to get the heat off of them.

Added to that, you have to think that things said about the military are even worse given all that they do for our nation.

Joe Biden’s campaign, in recognition of their candidate’s increasingly obvious loss of his cognitive abilities, appears to be attempting to win a presidential election by running a high-priced ad campaign featuring just enough of Biden surfacing to read lies about his opponent from a teleprompter before he “puts a lid on his day.”

Biden is being funded by, what may turn out to be, billions of dollars from the world’s richest elites and multinational corporations.

The elites seek to reverse the shrinking income gap between themselves and us – the great unwashed – that has marked the Trump administration.

And, aided by the wholly-controlled establishment media, the constant drumbeat of repetition of Biden’s lies are expected to bring down Trump’s reelection express.

Not dissimilar to Nancy Pelosi’s wrap-up smear, here’s how the multi-billion dollar disinformation air campaign works.  Pelosi explains…

Recently, a media outlet published an article using multiple anonymous sources to smear President Trump.

Jeffrey Goldberg authored an unsubstantiated hit piece against President Trump for the far-left publication The Atlantic, contending that four anonymous sources confirmed that President Trump called dead Marines, buried in France, losers.

Despite the fact that more than 20 people, who were present at the time, identified themselves and came forward to refute Goldberg’s claim, Joe Biden then repeated it as fact, spending millions of dollars to spread the lie.

With no video to corroborate the lies, the establishment media gleefully chipped in millions in free reporting, as well.

It would be bad enough if the story ended there.  But it doesn’t.  Biden has his own statements to apologize for… Newly resurfaced video shows Joe Biden calling our service-members “stupid bastards.”

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