When He Heard Pelosi’s Reaction To Trump Getting COVID, A GOP Congressman LIT HER UP!

Recently, when talking to a friend from my old hometown he was telling me about someone that we both knew in high school that wasn’t doing well as far as his health goes.

He was someone that always got on my case and that I couldn’t stand. He was always trying to mess with me and give me the hardest time possible. It was a terrible existence being around this guy.

However, when I found out he wasn’t doing well health-wise I had to give him a call to see how he was doing and to tell him I am pulling for him. You know why? Because that’s what decent people do.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s recent diagnosis with Coronavirus has resulted in some very telling reactions from politicians, pundits and citizens across the nation.

While I am no fan of Rachel Maddow or her politics, I have to hand it to her.  Even though she got a tongue lashing from her base for doing so, she took the high road and posted the following tweet, wising President Trump well in his battle with the China Virus:

Some people will say ‘she didn’t really mean it,’ whether or not she really wants to see Trump get better is immaterial, at least she has the humanity, civility and quite frankly, the good sense, not to throw stones at a sick person. There were many on the left who decided to take the high road and publicly wish president Trump well.

The reaction from the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has caused some controversy as well. However, she is far from the only one responding … questionably.

Unfortunately, there were many who decided to take the lowest road possible. In fact, enough people hoped that the president would ‘die’ that Facebook and Twitter announced their rules concerning the practice. National Public Radio reported:’Facebook, Twitter And TikTok Say Wishing Trump’s Death From COVID-19 Is Not Allowed’

”As reaction to President Trump’s positive coronavirus test floods social media, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok have a message to users: Wishing for the president to die is not allowed.

All three tech companies confirmed that such posts will be removed for violating each platform’s content policies.

As moderators scramble to pull down posts that express hope that Trump succumbs to the virus, wild speculation, conspiracy theories and other falsehoods about the president and first lady’s positive COVID-19 tests have been surging on the platforms, with each of them making dicey calls about what is permissible and what crosses a line.

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