Computer Fixer CONFESSES What Was On Hunter’s Laptop!

For years, I had a member of the family that ran a computer repair service and he would always tell me these stories about how there were people that were bringing their computers in to get fixed and it seemed like they had no idea that deleting files was a thing that you could do.

Now, it wasn’t anything like what’s going on with Hunter Biden, but you would think that if you were bringing your computer in to get looked at that you would delete the text file with all your passwords off of the desktop, right?

Seems like Hunted Biden forgot to take that computer class.

A Delaware computer repair shop owner described in an interview what he found on a laptop that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden last year and how he felt when he discovered its “disturbing” contents.

The New York Post on Wednesday published a stunning report detailing the first of many files to be released after former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani obtained them from the computer.

According to the Post, the computer contained thousands of emails between Hunter Biden and overseas business associates, as well as other files and images that showed drug use and sexual activity.

The bombshell Wednesday was that the documents purported to show a connection between Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son’s business dealings with regard to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings while the elder Biden was vice president.

Biden has denied knowledge of those dealings on more than one occasion.

But lost in the shuffle of shock and awe Wednesday was the man behind the release of the files.

John Paul Mac Isaac, who owns The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware, told Fox News he can’t be certain that it was Hunter Biden who dropped off the computer last April, as he has a visual impairment, but he is certain the computer did belong to the former vice president’s son.

He also spoke about what was on the computer’s hard drive and how he felt when he discovered it.

Isaac said he obtained ownership of the computer after the person who dropped it off, presumably Hunter Biden, failed to return for the hardware within 90 days to pay for work done on it.

The laptop in question was one of three computers, but the other two were in a state that prevented them from being salvaged, Isaac said.

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