NEW Emails REVEAL Hunter Giving Access To Papa Joe For CASH!

If there is one thing that is a constant in politics, it is the whole system of favors for cash.

In other words, you give me money I give you access to a politician who can get a particular thing done for you. It’s a tale as old as time really.

Which makes it so funny that Democrats have hitched their wagon to someone like Biden because at the end of the day he is just as crooked as every other liberal politics that has come along, maybe worse.

Welcome to the middle of October ladies and gentlemen.  President Trump’s surrogates are beginning to release even more information from the infamous laptops, as well as emails from Hunt*r’s former business partners,  Bevan Cooney and Devin Archer, who were convicted in 2018 of ‘The Fraudulent Issuance And Sale Of More Than $60 Million Of Tribal Bonds’

Just now, Breitbart has released some exclusive emails showing that the partners in crime knew full well of Hunt*r’s ‘value’ in his connection to his father. The emails suggest, in my view, that VP Biden could be counted on to, at the very least, meet with or talk to people sent his way by Hunt*r.  Instead of commenting too much on the emails, why don’t you read them for yourself:

Breitbart is reporting: ‘Hunter Biden’s business associates spoke candidly in emails about Hunter Biden’s role in the business, particularly as it related to foreign ventures, apparently viewing the Biden name as a form of “currency,” and bragging that they had a “direct…pipeline” to the Obama-Biden Administration.

In another email, Hunter Biden’s associates touted Hunter’s access to the White House and contrasted his willingness to “take on risk” with that of Chris Heinz—then-Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson and a close friend of Biden and Archer—who was uncomfortable with some of their potential partnerships.

In October 2013, Hunter Biden’s associates (including Devon Archer) discussed which one of their corporate vehicles would be appropriate for a new deal they were working on. Archer noted their need to use a “Rosemont Seneca SPV” (also known as a special purpose vehicle) because Rosemont Capital was too close to the Heinz family and because using an SPV could “bring Hunter into the mix.” Archer explained his desire “to leverage Hunter more” in a way that didn’t involve Heinz, who Archer called “much more risk averse.”’

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