Rush Limbaugh REVEALED His Plan To Make Sure Trump Wins!

You have got to love a guy like Rush Limbaugh. He is a guy that has been dealing with some pretty serious health problems yet still does everything hat he can to contribute.

Four hours a day on the air has got to take a tool on a healthy body, let alone someone that has been going through what he has been going through.

It’s why all of his efforts to help President Trump win reelection need to be applauded as much as we can.

There’s something supporters of President Trump can do to help reelect him along with voting, talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh said Friday.

“You want something else to do? How about turn a Democrat? How about Operation Turn a Democrat? How about if every one of you try to convince a Democrat that you know to vote Trump?” he asked.

“If a sizable number of people were able to, do you realize what impact that would have?”

He made the suggestion shortly after a two-hour conversation with  Trump.

“Operation Turn a Democrat. I know you might think, ‘Rush, not possible. These people are nuts. These people are insane.’ I know. I’m well aware of how some of them don’t seem to be, shall we say, solidly attached to the ground,” he said.

But Limbaugh insisted some Democrats can be reached.

“Some of them are impossible, admittedly. Some of them you’re never gonna convince to change their minds. But I’m telling you, I think there are a lot of people who do not know what this election is really about,” he said.

“They do not know what’s at stake. They think it’s traditional Democrats are versus Republican, and Republicans don’t care about people, and Republicans are racists and bigots and for the rich and the Democrats love the little guy, Democrats like the small fry, Democrats care about people.”

He insisted it’s the Democrats that don’t care about the little guy.

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