Dems Running Scared From Biden After What He Just Said!

Everyone has that person in their family that can’t get out of their own way. They always make a point to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing.

Joe Biden is that member of the family. Just look at how he conducts himself out on the campaign trail.

The poor man is confused and needs to go lie down or something.

Joe Biden’s staff must have had their heads in their hands during the last debate when the Democrat candidate for president insinuated that he would move to destroy the American oil and gas industry over the next 15 years.

Everyone who follows American politics knows that swing states are the key to winning elections.  It just so happens that some swing states’ economies are heavily reliant on the oil and gas industry, for example: Pennsylvania.

As predicted by anyone with a brain, when Joe finally exited his bunker to campaign in PA he was finally forced to answer questions about his plan to force a ‘transition’ from petroleum based energy to so called ‘renewable’ energy sources.  Up until now Biden has faced almost no hard questions, not even to clarify the outlandish things he has said.  Despite a man with so much filth and allegations of graft surrounding him, it is incredible how much scrutiny he has avoided.

After the debate the Washington Examiner explained:

‘Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he would transition away from the oil and gas industry over time as part of his climate plans, opening the door to Trump campaign criticism in the election’s final stretch.

“I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” Biden said during back-and-forth sparring with President Trump over climate change during Thursday night’s debate.

“That’s a big statement,” Trump said in response.

“It is a big statement,” Biden added. He then said that oil “pollutes significantly” and “has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.” Biden also said he would end federal subsidies for oil.’

Today, Biden tried to ‘clarify’ or, in my view ‘walk back’ his comments after reporters actually asked him real question, not about the allegations of graft or being owned by the Chinese, but about fracking and the gas industry. Fox News reported that Biden said:

“Look I’m from Scranton, Pennsylvania. My great grandfather was a mining engineer. So I come from coal country. And I’m not talking about eliminating fracking, I just said no more fracking on federal lands,” Biden told CBS Philadelphia. “With regard to gas, oil, coal all of it, the transition is taking place having nothing to do with anything I’m proposing. The fact is that the fastest growing industries in the country are solar and wind. We can move in a direction where the transition takes place, so that people are not left behind, and we we got to invest in the new technologies.” 

In an interview with NBC affiliate WBRE in Wilkes-Barre PA, on the very same day, Biden repeated the same message, vowing to cut subsidies and tax breaks for petroleum companies.

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