Yet ANOTHER CNN Anchor Just Called Pelosi Out On Her…[VIDEO]

Despite the vast majority of people at CNN being a bunch of liberal pains in the butt, there are some that actually try to keep up the image of being reporters.

Jake Tapper, despite leaning left, does try on occasion to do things the right way. Rarely, but it happens.

Anyway, he was trying to ask Pelosi the other day about the ongoing stimulus negotiations that she keeps holding up and the old lady was swinging her purse at full speed.

Nancy Pelosi thinks that she is the reigning monarch of the United States.  She does not have to announce that this is how she feels, it is quite apparent in the way she behaves. While the Marie Antoinette line ‘let them eat cake’ is a fabrication, as there is no proof that she ever uttered the words, Pelosi exudes the same kind of disconnection from reality and the everyday man and woman that Marie does in her mythical quote.

Pelosi does not care if a million Americans die.  I would bet my bottom dollar that she would be willing to starve out half the country if it meant that she could consolidate her power in the United States government.  It has gotten so obvious that even CNN is grilling her on the subject.

The left has tried capitalizing on the shutdown resulting from the COVID pandemic.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tried in the previous 3 stimulus packages, to stuff the bills with over a trillion dollars to be given to liberal governors and mayors who have run up huge deficits and underfunded pensions. Money for Planned Parenthood, social justice warriors, and pet projects for legislatures.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows revealed on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that Pelosi continues to “move the goalposts” on COVID-19 economic relief.

“We have continued to make offer after offer after offer. And Nancy continues to move the goalposts. And, as you know, we’re up to $1.9 trillion. I personally have talked to the leader multiple times. I have talked to senators multiple times,”

“And, at the end of the day, it was the Democrats just last week who said that they weren’t going to support a $500 billion deal. So, they said no to some relief coming to Americans.”

Though the left has put their hopes in Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer, some of the anchors at CNN have run out of patience and are pushing Pelosi to sign off on the Trump package and get money out to those Americans who really need the help.

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