Trump Lays Down The Law…”LOCK HIM UP”

You do not have to be a law professor or a police detective to know when someone is doing something wrong.

More often than now, you just have to have a good handle on how things work in the world.

This is why when you see President Trump talking about the Biden family lately, you know that you don’t have to have years of training to know these guys are as crooked as they come.

President Trump knows what is on Hunter’s infamous hard drive and from the sounds of it, there are some major bombshells yet to come. His speech at his rally in Georgia likely has Joy B and his boy sweating bullets.

If there is one thing that the many Democrats and Republicans agree on, it is that Trump has worked hard to keep his campaign promises.  He got us out of the TPP, he renegotiated NAFTA, he has been pulling troops out of endless wars for corporate profit.

However, there are some things, major things he is yet to deliver on, although not for lack of trying.  It appears that it took President Trump about 3 years to realize that he is a man on an island in Washington.  The swamp is murkier and deeper than he could have ever imagined.

Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp’ and tossed Sessions out on his ass after he failed to go after the DS, rather stepping aside to allow coup plotters to try and further undermine him.

Trump then appointed Attorney General Barr, who appointed Durham and Bash, all of which have proven to be horrific failures thus far. Hillary Clinton is still above the law and there is little hope that anything will be done to seriously investigate her foundation or email scandals.

The other big promise that we are waiting to be fulfilled is ‘the wall.’  While Trump can point to the fact that 321 miles of wall have been constructed during his Presidency, according to Wikipedia, that is nowhere near what was promised.  It has not been for lack of trying, but rather the swamp, once again not wanting to piss off their corporate donors who demand cheap labor.

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