This Hospital Claimed 5,000 COVID Cases. What Officials Found Is Absolutely Sickening!

Liberals in the United States tend to act and tell people that whenever there is a report by a hospital on COVID numbers that the number is always on the up and up.

Hardly the case. Much in the way schools will try to inflate their average attendance numbers to get funding by having special carnival days to get kids to come, hospitals and other agencies are inflating some of the numbers that people are seeing,

Members of the Brazilian parliament decided to confirm suspicions and break into a hospital that claimed to have 5,000 infected and 200 deaths from COVID-19. The country’s legislators discovered that the hospital had grossly over-represented the cases and its claims.

Without checking, mainstream media in Brazil and abroad hyped the unchecked ‘news story’. There was in fact not a single person, they report, and the hospital was entirely empty and was obviously still under construction.

Acting on a tip that something was going wrong at this hospital, five members of the Brazil parliament went to hospitals after their being encouraged to do so President Bolsonaro to break in and check to see the number of patients there.

This hospital was not even finished, but claiming it was treating 5,000 people with COVID-19 while 200 were already dead. Officials broke in to check the claims and found the hospital is an absolute mess, not finished, and there were no patients to be seen.

Interestingly the MPs did exactly what journalists could have done. Reporters dare not for fear of losing their jobs; it is safer to just keep quiet.

‘Some journalists who are actually quite open-minded and are aware of the real situation, but have no choice but to write what is expected of them by their editors in order to make both ends meet and have a decent salary.’ ~ Fernando Casado, Spanish Analyst and Legal Expert.

The governor is apparently defrauding the state and the nation along with the citizen taxpayers, and lying about the statistics. This is possibly an embezzlement scheme to help bring down the country, and to push vaccines based upon inflated numbers of COVID related deaths.

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