Pure Meathead Wants To Spend YOUR MONEY To Investigate Trump!

There are indeed some people out there that voted for Biden that if you took the politics out of the equation are decent people that if you talked about Donald Trump in front of them they wouldn’t turn into snarling beasts.

Some folks realize that politics isn’t everything and that they need to separate that one thing from everything else.

Then again, there are folks that seem like they just can’t shut up about the things that they feel to be true, but are so far off on that nobody should ever listen to them.

The amount of garbage and hysteria that the Democrats and the Left, Hollywood, academia, Fake News and others, have thrown at President Donald Trump is unprecedented.  No duly elected president has ever had to the amount of vitriolic hatred this president has had to deal with on a daily basis. In fact, I believe that Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) really does exist, and it’s not just a joke to throw at people who hate the man.

I believe there really is a psychological disorder out there that triggers people just by uttering the words “Donald Trump.”

TDS has been described as a fast-moving disease, which is highly contagious and it attacks the nervous system.   Early stages are inexplicable with rapid eye-blinking, a light palsy, stammering and a bit of overbearing snobbery.   Sometimes redness of the face and shortness of breath accompany other symptoms.  Later stages include total delusion, in some cases the inability to think clearly, and if a person reaches Level 7, the highest known recorded level of the disorder, a madness sets in that cannot be contained.

The emoluments attack fizzled out.  The Russia! Russia! Russia! collusion delusion hoax failed.  The impeachment hoax for something that Joe Biden actually did failed.  But Hollywood filmmaker Rob “The Meathead” Reiner is still counting on President Donald Trump being removed from the White House shackled in handcuffs and charged for crimes against humanity.

A word about Reiner.  I loved his movies.  I thought This is Spinal Tap was a great cult flick.  I even purchased the music CDs!  And who can forget The Princess Bride, Stand By Me, When Harry Met Sally or A Few Good Men?  But Reiner’s career took a hit.  He’s still producing work, but none of the blockbusters he’s known for.  And that drop in Hollywood tier level, where you live based on your past reputation, has to hurt.  So, like many other clueless Hollywood leftists, Reiner became a Trump hater, which means he hates over 71 million Americans right now.  I have been following his Twitter feed for several years, and he is one of the unfortunate souls who has reached TDS Level 7.  Some of the things he tweets are so ridiculous that even he couldn’t convince the angels to fund a movie project based on the content.

Reiner is now demanding the creation of a “non-partisan commission” to investigate President Trump when he leaves the White House in four years, saying that it is a necessary step to “restore faith in our Constitution and the Rule of Law.”

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