What California Wanted To Do To People Celebrating Thanksgiving Is INHUMAN!

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Think about the last time that your power went out for a short while. You probably had no idea why but you knew that it had something to do with a weather event. A storm of some kind.

We had the power go out in our house for some reason about two weeks ago for exactly one minute and it was kind of funny watching everyone try to figure out what was going on.

You never think for a million years that the government would ever use something like that as a summary punishment that they haven’t been given complete confirmation on..

California Governor and tyrant Gavin Newsom (D) set a host of restrictions for the people of California over gathering for the Thanksgiving holiday, and now a utility company is threatening to cut off power, claiming it would be done to prevent fires due to dry conditions and high winds.  If you believe that reason I have some wonderful beachfront property in Nevada I want to sell you.

Edison International might be cutting the power off to Southern California homes and businesses on Thanksgiving to “prevent fires.”

The forecast is calling for strong winds on Thursday and Friday and the utility company could resort to cutting power to prevent electrical lines from starting fires.  Of course, that’s a load of bunk.  It’s all part of the Democratic Party’s top-down conditioning of their citizens to conform to government rule over every aspect of their lives.  Now not only are Californians not allowed to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and loved ones, but they may be sitting at home alone with no power.  It doesn’t get much more Orwellian than that period.

If the socialist government of Sacramento keeps up at this pace the people of California will soon go back to the horse and buggy.

As  reported by Bloomberg:

“Edison International could cut power to some Southern California homes and businesses on Thanksgiving as strong winds are forecast to return to the rain-deprived region.

The utility owner hasn’t determined how many customers could be affected by the outages, intended to prevent power lines from sparking wildfires during the gusts. Power would likely be out until Friday evening, Southern California Edison spokeswoman Taelor Bakewell said. The state’s utilities have resorted to preemptively cutting power after electrical lines touched off a series of deadly blazes in recent years.

Critical fire weather conditions could develop Thursday afternoon through Saturday, according to a National Weather Service forecast. Although the annual rainy season has begun in Northern California and snows have returned to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Southern California has remained largely dry. As a result, a record-breaking fire season that has already seen more than 4.2 million acres burned across the state this year could linger into December.”

Over 1.5 million went without power last Fall when Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) cut off their electricity in order to “prevent dangerous wildfires.”

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