Schumer Makes Sick Senate Demand To Push Sick Biden Agenda!

You can always tell when someone doesn’t realize that they aren’t really in charge, that’s when they make a lot of ignorant demands of people.

Joe Biden, if the worse case happens, won’t be in charge until January 20th. Until that day, there isn’t a whole heck of a lot that can be done on his end to push the Biden agenda.

Well, unless Chuck Schumer gets his way then they will be opening the store early for Joe.

On Monday, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) demanded that the Senate must begin confirmation hearings for Joe Biden’s cabinet before Inauguration Day.  Forget the fact that Biden has not even been legally confirmed as “President-Elect” yet, the Democrats want his cabinet picks ready to be confirmed on day one.

From the well of the Senate floor, the Senate minority leader gave high praise for the people who have already been announced in the mainstream media’s hopes for a Biden administration and Schumer called on the Senate to begin confirmation hearings after the January 5 Georgia Senate runoff elections.

In the way he said it, it makes you wonder if he knows how the Democrats are going to cheat to win those two senate seats in Georgia.  I don’t trust the Democrats as far as I can throw them, and neither should you.

“As President-Elect Biden prepares to assume office on Jan. 20, he’s beginning to announce a slate of qualified, experienced public servants who he intends to nominate to his cabinet or other key administrative positions,” Schumer prefaced his public statement, naming Biden’s core economic team led by Treasury nominee Janet Yellen who will probably do the same things she did when she was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  Meaning, we would try to implement the same monetary policies of the miserable Obama years.

Schumer argued that the assembly “clearly has the experience, the knowledge, the prowess to meet the seriousness of this moment.”  But the Obama years are remembered for a miserable economy.

“More than that, they understand the needs of all Americans because they represent all given kinds of Americans. They’ll get to work not just on rebuilding our economy, but striving to provide greater and more equitable prosperity to future generations.”  What exactly are all the “given kinds of Americans” he’s talking about?  Aren’t we all Americans?  How does Treasury treat Americans differently?

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