Arizona Legislature Calling For DECERTIFICATION OF FAKE RESULTS!

The same way that a movie script goes through more than one draft, it seems that the election is going through more than one count and that’s a good thing.

With the ways that people have been compelled to vote, not including the Civil War veterans who voted for Biden, things need to be certified over and over.

The same way that one would check their bank balance more than once a day in between large purchases, this is the kind of thing that needs to be absolutely right, down to the singular vote. If it isn’t, then the whole system needs to be overhauled.

Starting November fourth the Trump legal team and a handful of legislatures and representatives went into challenging the massive amount of election fraud that took place in the swing states.

The governors from WI, MI, GA, NV, AZ, PA, in spite of calls for investigations pushed forward anyway certifying the election results for their states.

Their actions have created sizable hurdles as legislatively the states have fulfilled a majority of their responsibilities in sending their electoral college voters.

There are some champions who are fighting to say NO, we have the evidence that the election was stolen, Venezuela style.

On Monday Arizona Republicans called for the decertification of their state’s false election results.

Last week RINO Governor Doug Ducey signed off on the certification of Arizona’s false election results while Trump’s legal team appeared before House and Senate members.

Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem issued a call to withhold the state’s Electoral College votes for Joe Biden because “he believes there is enough significant evidence of fraud to invalidate the state’s votes.”

Finchem also took aim at Republican Doug Ducey who could have delayed his signing of the results.

“I believe Doug Ducey signed a fraudulent document and he knew it!,” Finchem said.

Arizona House Majority Leader Warren Petersen released a statement Sunday night ahead of Monday’s press conference: “The election should not have been certified with the number of irregularities and allegations of fraud. Especially troubling to me are the allegations surrounding the vendor Dominion,” Petersen said in the press release. “It is imperative that a forensic audit occur immediately of the equipment and software. Upon any showing of fraud the legislature should immediately convene to decertify the vote.”

In spite of the Constitutional argument, Rudy Guiliani made to the legislature, Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers has pushed back on his Republican colleagues and said the legislature ‘cannot and will not’ overturn the election.

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