Is Mentally Incompetent Feinstein Reaching The End?

There is nothing sadder than when someone goes through a long period of cognitive decline.

It’s something that quite honestly I would not wish on my worst enemy. There’s just something tragically unfair in the whole idea of not knowing who you are at the end of your life.

That being said, people like that should be cared for, but they should not be in any kind of authoritative position.

Let me be clear. Dianne Feinstein was not merely having a Joe Biden moment.

She is in the middle of a Joe Biden lifetime. Her own party is pushing her out. They are doing the same for Joe Biden. More on that in another article. But there are whispers swirling all around the capitol that Feinstein is on a decline from which she cannot recover.

They still haven’t forgiven her for what they consider her dismal showing in the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing. But, I think it goes much deeper than that. The Democrats are thinking ahead. They are on a push to take over the entire government at which time they will unleash their progressive and unconstitutional ideology on the great unwashed.

The next step is to steal both Senate seats in Georgia. That gives them the control in the House, Senate and White House. They will govern unimpeded for the next two years. They will pack the court, do away with the filibuster and make illegal immigration and amnesty a priority. Then they will sit back and allow their vote stealing operation take over and create a virtual one party government.

They are saying that even her short term memory is shot. She has berated her staff for not briefing her on various topics even though they already had. The good news is she is now able to throw a surprise birthday party for herself. She may have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s by her doctor, but she really can’t remember.

From The Gateway Pundit

One of Feinstein’s former aides came to her defense and said rumors of her cognitive decline are exaggerated.

Another aide however said Feinstein is “an incredibly effective human being, but there’s definitely been a deterioration in the last year. She’s in a very different mode now.”

Feinstein was elected to the Senate in 1992 and within one year a Chinese spy was put on her payroll.

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