Acting Legend Jon Voight Issues DIRE Warning To Us All! [VIDEO]

There are some actors that when you listen to them you have to wonder if they ever know what is going on, to begin with.

Then you have people that have had decades to study how the world works and that they have a better understanding of things than some of the younger generation.

Jon Voight is one of those people because you can tell that he has been around the block a little bit.

Actor Jon Voight, a conservative and a staunch supporter of President Trump, posted a video message to his Twitter account this week, with a dire warning for what is to come if Democrat Joe Biden ends up in the Oval Office.

Voight, 81, said, “We’re heading down a street that has no name now. We must not allow our nation to crumble. This is what they want, to destroy America.”

He warned, “Our state, California, is being ruled by a leftist mob,” and said Governor Gavin Newsom is taking away the people’s freedoms, is a disgrace to mankind, and has destroyed many lives by shutting down small businesses, and now he’s wanting to shut the state down again.

“I ask all to fight this battle now, to get them all out,” Voight said. “I’ve been attacked by my peers, saying I’m preaching violence, but the truth is, they all are. The left are burning and destroying our cities.”

“We are willing to fight for freedom – not freedom to burn down our flag, but to raise her up,” Voight said.

He asked for the election fraud allegations be taken to the Supreme Court, and said President Donald Trump is the only one who can save this nation.

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