SCOTUS Dragging Feet On SIDNEY POWELL Emergency Petitions!

The thing that people have to realize about the government is that there are so many facets in which it just moves terribly slowly.

Sometimes, this is because there is something that they want to make sure that they are getting absolutely right, and sometimes it is because someone wants to just run out the clock.

When I was in the military, sometimes we would be given daily assignments on the “light” days where we were told to make a 45-minute job last for eight hours. This is fine if your officer in charge is trying to give you busywork, but when it is the fate of our democracy that’s when we can run into some big problems.

With the confirmation and seating of Justice Amy Coney Barret, President Trump encouraged his supporters that his legal team would work their lawsuits up through the courts relying on the Supreme Court to act as the final arbiter and defender of the Constitution, giving him for 4 more years.

As cases were finally considered by the SCOTUS, including one from the state of Texas, the court rejected them all without hearing arguments.

Not to be denied, Texas Attorney Sidney Powell who is independently fighting against election fraud and for President Trump, finally had her lawsuits added to the Supreme Court docket.

Today Sidney tweeted that the Supreme Court is now delaying her cases concerning Georgia and Michigan.

These cases provide a massive amount of data, signed affidavits, and constitutional violations committed by their state’s secretary of state and governors.

In addition, the Supreme Court finally accepted her filings for Arizona and Wisconsin, but immediately rejected them.

The Supreme Court, whose Chief Justice Roberts has morphed into an internal bully, has advocated their main reason for existing which is to ensure the actions of the three branches of government and cases involving laws and statutes with conflicting lower court decisions, are conducted in accordance with the Constitution.

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