Epstein’s FINAL Cellmate Has Been Found DEAD!

Image credit: The Onion

If you want to keep the truth hidden you eventually have to get rid of all of the people that know the truth.

It is the reason why you see so many people turn up dead when they are associated with a conspiracy. Now, there are a lot of problems with the whole situation with Jeffrey Epstein, one of them being the fact that it seems a little off that a guy that rich killed himself.

Now, it seems that the people in power are trying to tie up as many of the loose ends as they possibly can.

The last man to share a cell with Jeffrey Epstein died last month in a Bronx apartment after catching coronavirus at a jail for cooperating witnesses.

Efrain “Stone” Reyes, 51, was found dead in bed on Nov. 27 at his mother’s apartment, the NYPD confirmed. In August 2019 he shared a cell with Epstein, only to be transferred to the privately-run Queens Detention Facility the day before the accused sex trafficker hanged himself, according to his family and Bureau of Prisons records.

Reyes’s niece, Angelique Lopez, said Epstein was paired with her uncle because he had a bad leg and was mild mannered.

“They took him to my uncle because he had a broken leg. He was disabled. My uncle kept to himself. He was laid back,” Lopez, 27, said.

“(Epstein) liked to read a lot and he kept to himself. He wasn’t a problem starter or too loud. My uncle said he was a good cellmate.”

The FBI questioned Reyes about Epstein after the suicide discovered by correctional officers early on Aug. 10, 2019.

“He was a little worried about if he told on the security workers at MCC they would somehow lash out at him. He was worried if they told them what they did to Epstein he was worried it would follow him and affect him negatively,” Lopez said.

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