Peter Navarro Just EXPOSED Some Explosive Details On “The Art Of The STEAL!” [VIDEO]

Peter Navarro is a pretty smart guy that at the end of the day probably would be able to, if given enough time, deduce what you are thinking right now at this very moment without any evidence whatsoever.

That being said, the idea that there is something like the notion that the election was stolen in front of us, anyone could figure that one out.

However, one of the things that we need to remember about Peter is that he is the type of person that isn’t going to take this kind of nonsense lying down and it more than willing to talk about how messed up all of this is.

During an exclusive interview with One America News, White House trade advisor Peter Navarro has released details from his report entitled “Art of the Steal.”

According to Navarro, the report contains evidence of how the 2020 election was stolen by Democrats.

Here is a clip from that interview:

 Photo Confirms the Rumors Are True

The report details a years-long effort by the Democrat Party to steal the election from President Trump. It follows another report by Navarro which detailed 379,000 possible illegal votes across multiple states.

The “Art of the Steal” was released just one day before Congress was to meet in a joint session on January 6 to certify the Electoral College vote.

It refers to the election results as Joe Biden‘s “narrow and illegitimate ‘victory’” over President Trump, and discusses multiple strategies used to achieve a Democrat victory.

According to Navarro, the Democratic Party’s “Stuff the Ballot Box” strategy relied on expanding voter access to absentee and mail-in ballots and relaxing ballot verification protocols.

“It is important to point out here that much of what the Democrats did was legal; but some of what they did at times also bent, and arguably sometimes broke, the rules or the law,” Navarro wrote.

“The practical result of the Democrat Party’s two-pronged Grand ‘Stuff the Ballot Box’ Strategy was to flood the six key battleground states with enough illegal absentee and mail-in ballots to turn a decisive Trump victory into a narrow alleged Biden ‘victory,’” Navarro wrote, referring to Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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