One of the things that people need to realize is that while COVID has gotten entirely out of control in some parts of the world, it cannot be overstated that we should never forget where this came from.

It seems all that long ago that the virus came from China to cause havoc all over the world. This is the gift that they gave to us.

At the end of the day, there will be a moment where those responsible will have to pay for what they caused.

The most ‘credible’ theory about the origin of COVID-19 is that it escaped from a biological weapons laboratory in China, according to US National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger, who made the comment during a Zoom meeting with UK officials. Is anyone really surprised at this point?

COVID-19 was made in a Chinese lab

“There is a growing body of evidence that the lab is likely the most credible source of the virus,” said Pottinger, referring to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, according to the Daily Mail, which notes that ‘even China’s leaders openly admit their previous claims that the virus originated in a Wuhan market are false.’

Pottinger was one of the first US officials to sound the alarm at the White House over the origins of the virus in January 2020, when he initially suspected that the outbreak originated in a lab in China – after which Pottinger ordered US intelligence agencies to search for evidence.
He also slammed the World Health Organization’s probe as a ruse – saying “MPs around the world have a moral role to play in exposing the WHO investigation as a Potemkin exercise,” referring to the facade villages created in 18th Century Crimea to convince the visiting Russian Empress Catherine the Great that the region was doing well.

Communist China plotting world domination

Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory Party leader who attended the meeting, said that Beijing’s refusal to allow journalists to visit the laboratory only served to increase suspicion that China was ‘ground zero’ for the pandemic. “The truth is there are people who have been in those labs who maintain that this is the case,” he said.

“We don’t know what they have been doing in that laboratory. They may well have been fiddling with bat coronaviruses and looking at them and they made a mistake. I’ve spoken to various people who believe that to be the case. Even establishment figures in Beijing have openly dismissed the wet market story,” Pottinger told the call participants.

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