GOP Rep CAPTURES House Leader Role!

As more and more liberals begin to steal power and then try to consolidate that power, Republicans need to make sure that they hold office at as many chokepoints as humanly possible.

Take a look at the Senate, sure there may be a majority in the coming weeks for Democrats, but they need to realize that a couple of well-placed Republicans are all that is needed to derail a great deal of the legislation that they want to enact.

Remember, it’s up to us now.

Hopefully, some good news is that a GOP Representative has captured a House floor leader role.

GOP Named to House Leader Position

Rep. Jodi Lott was named to a senior leadership position in the Georgia General Assembly.  She has been named for this position for three years in a row now.

Controversial Governor Brian Kemp appointed Lott to the House role. She is one of four floor leaders for Georgia’s House of Representatives when the state’s legislative session convenes on January 11.

Part of the tole of floor leaders usually involves being a spokesperson for their political party. They also have a large management role in legislative business and also advocating for their governor’s agenda.

Kemp Gives Lott Praise

“Rep. Lott has been a strong advocate for the CSRA in the General Assembly and invaluable to my administration as a floor leader during my first two years as governor,” Kemp told The Augusta Chronicle on Thursday. “Jodi worked hard to pass conservative budgets, meaningful health care reform and legislation to crack down on gangs and human traffickers. I look forward to working with Rep. Lott and all of our floor leaders alongside members of the House and Senate to continue putting Georgians first.”

Kemp has been an enemy of President Donald Trump and has turned a blind eye to mass voter fraud that swept through his state.

“Our partnership with the General Assembly has been critical in the fight against COVID-19 as we have worked every day to protect lives and livelihoods,” Kemp also said, in a prepared statement. I am confident these outstanding legislators will carry that important work forward, and I appreciate their commitment to the people of Georgia.”

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